M&S Belgian Chocolate Pancakes

Kcal 221 Fat 8g Fat (Sat) 2g Carbs 32g (Per pancake)

Anyone who has seen a Marks & Spencer advert cannot not be tempted by the delicious food on offer. M&S is indeed known for the quality of its food. One place they do tend to fall down, however, is with their chocolate products, thus I do not tend to buy them.

So how did I end up with these Belgian Chocolate Pancakes in my fridge? The answer is simple. My mum wasn’t wearing her glasses, so inevitably ended up buying the wrong thing. Still, the picture of these ‘indulgent pancakes enriched with buttermilk’ does make them look pretty good, doesn’t it?

The smell of melting chocolate as I cooked it in the toaster was most alluring, but you can see from the picture above it does not look quite as attractive the picture on the packet. The chocolate pieces are poorly distributed, as they have all gathered in the centre, leaving the edges almost void.

Despite toasting them a minute longer than it said on the instructions, they had a doughy texture, and tasted like they had been undercooked on their initial production. Most of the pancake is very bland, and even when you get to the chocolatey bits, there is a distinct lack of flavour.

The only positive thing I can say about these pancakes is that their sized made them a substantial lunch and one is quite filling. Good thing, since I didn’t really fancy having a second.

Presentation: 7.5
Aroma: 8.5
Taste: 5
Sustenance: 8.5
Texture: 5
Overall: 6.9