Magnum Classic Tub

Kcal 271 Fat 14g Fat (Sat) 8.5g Carbs 21g (per 2 scoops)

Magnum is known for its indulgent chocolate ice lollies, but now they have taken ice cream to the tub. That means the classic crack everyone expects when biinge into their ice cream sticks is going to be compromised right? Think again; looks like Magnum has come up with a unique style of tubbed ice cream. A stroke of genius or previously avoided for a reason? Let’s find out.

The first thing Magnum’s new Classic Tub reminds me of is Terry’s Chocolate Orange tagline. No, not the ‘it’s not Terry’s, it’s mine’ one, but the ‘Don’t tap it! Whack it!’ one. That’s because Magnum is offering a similar experience with their ‘Press to crack’ method.

The concept sounds like a fun and playful way to enjoy one’s ice cream, but in reality, it is just a bit more trouble than it is worth. I went to the freezer, took out the tub, ready to dig in, but once I took the lid of, I was met with a set of instructions on the foil seal, telling me that I had to wait ten minutes before I can even attempt to tap my spoon onto the frozen milk chocolate surface. Had this been written on the outside of the tub, it would have been fine, as I would have seen it beforehand and known to take it out earlier. The instructions, were, however, hidden until you open the tub. Admittedly ten minutes is not a long time, but does damper one’s anticipation and enthusiasm somewhat.

Anyway, after finding something to occupy ten minutes of my time with, I could finally begin. Or so I thought. I gave the chocolate a tap, and crack there was none. I gave the chocolate a whack. A small crack appeared, along with one or two flying shards of chocolate. The rest of the chocolate remained unbroken, so I had to systematically dig the side of my spoon into several sections until completely penetrated.  If this were the only barrier to the ice cream, I wouldn’t mind that much, but I discovered that the Magnum Classic Tub is made up of several layers of ice cream and frozen chocolate discs, so you continually have to break through each layer. If you are dispensing it into several bowls to server out, it is even more of a bother. At times I wondered if it was worth the effort.

Okay, so practicality-wise, this wasn’t Magnum’s best idea, but let’s look past that for a moment. What does it actually taste like? Well, the first thing that struck me was how white the vanilla ice cream looked. Although it does contain real vanilla bean pieces, I expect proper vanilla ice cream to have a lovely yellow tinge. The strength of vanilla flavour was very tame and tasted pretty average. If I were buying just vanilla ice cream on its own, I wouldn’t be getting this one.

But we all know that we don’t buy a Magnum ice cream for the ice cream. We buy it for the chocolate, and that did not disappoint. The very thing that made it such a hassle to get into, made the actual eating experience heavenly. Because the chocolate was frozen, it had a wonderful fresh scent, and the incredibly thick top layer was smooth and creamy as it ever so slowly melted in the mouth. It was Magnum’s signature flavour: super creamy milk chocolate. Because it is so cold, it inhibits the sweetness to give it just the right balance.

If you don’t mind having to put in a bit of work to get into your Magnum, then their new Classic Tub is definitely one to lookout for. If you want something that requires less effort, then stick with ice cream on a stick.

 Presentation: 7
Aroma: 8
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 9
Overall: 8