Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Coconut

Kcal 13.7g Fat 0.2g Fat (Sat) 0.1g Carbs 2.8g (per tsp)

A few weeks ago we took a look at Sweet Freedom’s original Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate. Today it is time to revisit this guilt-free alternative with added coconut.

As before, the bottle is very cute, and features the polar bear of the family. You might think an animal more closely located to coconuts might be more appropriate, but this sweet looking polar does the trick; the simple colour contrasts of white and brown bring connotations, not of a freezing Arctic, but of the sunny tropical island of coconuts, and a soothing hot drink.

Unlike most hot chocolate brands, this liquid chocolate isn’t simply cacao laden with sugar; it is made with completely natural sweetness, including fruit extracts and carob. The silky liquid texture is created with a bit of rapeseed oil and water.

In its raw form, it smelt sweeter than the original; less malty and as you might expect, more coconutty. You can definitely pick up coconut notes in the flavour as well. It is not in your face, but gentle and combines with the fruit extracts to make one overall flavour, rather than distinctively contrasting tones. If you are looking for something lighter and more refreshing, the coconut Choco Shot is probably the one to choose over the original, which is slightly richer.

Presentation: 8.5
Aroma: 8
 Taste: 8.5
Sustenance: 7.5
Texture: 10
Overall: 8.5