Doisy & Dam Coconut and Lucuma

Kcal 570 Fat 44.1g Fat (Sat) 28.2g Carbs 29.4g (Per 100g)

I must apologise. Once again I am introducing you to a new exotic ingredient that will require a bit of backstory before we can get on to the main event. This week Doisy & Dam have combined coconut with lucuma. Don’t worry, it’s not another vegetable. Although from Peru, like maca, Lucuma is actually a coastal fruit bearing similarity to a mango in the shape of a spinning top. It has a dry, boiled egg yolk-like texture which is why people usually prefer to have it ground up to make ice creams, smoothies, etc. Lucuma is said to have a flavour similar to sweet potato and maple syrup, which should give the chocolate a natural caramelised taste.

Before I bought this chocolate bar, I did not know that the skin of a lucuma is green, which is why I initially thought the packaging would have been more suitable to a coconut and lime pairing. Although the colour might fit the fruit, I expect most people would be in the same boat as me and not be aware of what lucuma actually looks like. This could lead to a misinterpretation of expectations.

My Gramps used to make macaroon pyramids using a simple recipe of desiccated coconut mixed with condensed milk; that is exactly what this chocolate bar smells like. The flavour, however, bears no resemblance to this family baked treat. There’s a definite hint of coconut, but instead of syrupy lucuma, the additional earthy dark chocolate brought sour notes to the party.

The bar starts off smooth, but once you bite into it, the 74% dark chocolate takes on a chalky texture, along with crisp pieces of desiccated coconut. It is a unique, but pleasing texture, which can satisfy any cravings with just a few squares.

So it looks like I have come to the end of my Doisy & Dam journey – at least for now – and what has been learnt from the experience? To summarise, the milk and white chocolate bars are disappointing, but their dark chocolate is superb high quality and worth a try.

Presentation: 7.5
Aroma: 8.5
Taste: 8.5
Sustenance: 9.5
Texture: 8

Overall: 8.4