Doisy & Dam Lemon, Poppy Seed, and Baobab

Kcal 545 Fat 37.1g Fat (Sat) 19.9g Carbs 48.4g (per 100g)

Doisy & Dam may only hold 0.008% of the UK chocolate market, but they are probably doing a lot more for the world than any of the big-name brands it is trying to compete with. As a certified B Corporation, the founders, Ed and Richard, are committed to upholding social and environmental standards in an ‘open, honest, and transparent way’. They have big aspirations to create a positive impact on the world by reducing their carbon footprint by minimising transport, and using sustainable packaging materials. By 2018 they aim to buy their cacao directly from the source and, by 2020, own their own plantation.

All these things are admirable and should be supported but, in the end, it is the final product that speaks the loudest. Does the quality of their work and ingredients translate into the chocolate bars they produce?

Well my first experience of Doisy & Dam was not a particularly positive one, so let’s hope their 30% white chocolate meets the mark. The 80g bar is flavoured with lemon, poppy seeds and baobab. Doisy & Dam like to add a super food into every chocolate bar they produce. According to the information on the back of the bar, baobab contains 50% fibre and is high in calcium and vitamin C. Yet somehow I’m not convinced that 2% baobab is really going to outweigh the 47.6g of cane sugar that is also present.

Health claims aside, the cardboard wrapping is a very trendy geometrical design – although the yellow makes me think more of mustard than lemon. The white chocolate is very attractive with its densely-packed specks of poppy seeds. The seeds also add a very pleasing crunch texture and gives substance to what is otherwise quite a thin bar.

There is a slightly creamy aroma mingling with subtle hints of lemon and vanilla, but the lemon does not provide any sharpness or zing to the bar. I can sense it trying to come through, but it is masked by the blandness of the white chocolate. The taste is not unpleasant, just lacking.

One thing going for it is the 30% cacao butter, which means that the chocolate has less sugar than the usual white bar, and is less sweet. This means that you don’t feel cravings to eat in excess.

Presentation: 8.5
Aroma: 7
Taste: 6.5
Sustenance: 7.5
Texture: 7
Overall: 7.3