Marks & Spencer's Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are at their most divine when they have just come out the oven, but to get that experience one must make the cookies oneself. That’s great if you like baking, but if you loathe it, or all your efforts end in disaster, then you are most likely the kind of cookie fiend that buys them from the shop, pre-baked.

Marks & Spencer have come up with a solution that meets us in the middle. They put in all the effort of making the cookie dough, and all you have to do is stick them in the oven. M&S Chocolate Chunk Cookies are unbaked frozen cookies, which you can keep in the freezer and then take out at your convenience. They take twenty minutes in the oven from frozen, and you get the gorgeous smell of melting chocolate dispersing throughout the house.

The packaging is pretty average, and looks like basically any other freezer food plastic bag. This is a slight downfall given that people don’t usually go looking for cookies in the frozen isle, and it is important that packaging stands out so it gets noticed. Once you do notice them, however, there’s likely no going back.

The warm gooey chunks melt in the mouth and are a real pick me up if you’re feeling down. If you’re already feeling happy, then they are just a hedonistic energy boost. After baking, they take on a golden-brown colour, most tempting to the eye.

Once the cookies have cooled, they lose a lot of their aroma, although you still get that fresh bakery smell when you lift off the lid of the container. The milk chocolate chunks have a sweet fudge-like taste, and are called chunks for a reason. These are not diddly chocolate chips. The biscuit itself has a crumbly outer coating, which transforms into a chewy middle.

The cookies are about the size of my hand, so it is no meagre helping, yet if more than one is within reach, they won’t take long to disappear. Clever, convenient, and chocolatey, Marks & Spencer’s cookies will leave you a very satisfied customer.

Presentation: 7
Aroma: 7.5
Taste: 8.5
Sustenance: 7
Texture: 9.5

Overall: 7.9